Are you paying more property tax than you need to? Property tax is the most significant variable operating expense for commercial real estate owners and occupants. As current economic challenges continue, it is more critical than ever to manage these costs.

Assessments are prepared using mass appraisal techniques and may not capture the specific circumstances of individual properties. If you have not had your property assessment reviewed, you and your tenants may be paying more property tax than you should. If you are an owner of residential property and pay in property taxes annually, We can help you save thousands in property taxes. 

We have a professional team with specialized industry experience that will conduct a thorough analysis of your assessed value, your property characteristics, and market conditions to uncover items that may impact your personal or real property tax.  

Whether a thorough review is overdue, or a property is experiencing functional or economic obsolescence, strong evidence is critical for successfully challenging an assessment. As your property tax partner, we analyze every assessment in your portfolio, giving you the assurance that you have not missed a tax savings opportunity. Evaluating taxes periodically through an asset’s lifecycle can help you save money. 

We have experience in mitigating the appeal process from written appeals all the way to litigating matters in Maryland Tax Court.